What is wholesale VoIP Termination?

Wholesale VoIP termination makes life easier! It lets you talk to your loved ones or clients across the oceans while standing on a remote island- at incredibly low costs!

Also referred to as call termination, VoIP refers to a simple concept where the voice gets converted into simple IP packets from analog signals so that it can be transmitted over the internet. And before it reaches its final destination, it gets converted back to the analog signal so that the listener can easily comprehend it.

In other words, it involves routing your phone calls from one provider to the next, until your calls reach the last provider and is received by your recipient.

Sounds fantastic, right?

It’s also important to note that the telephone companies involved in the entire process are referred to as carriers/providers.

Also, all the calls initiated as VoIP calls are usually terminated using the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network).

For this reason, the termination services are usually sold to you as a separate product/service. And this brings us to our next subtopic…

VoIP Call Termination Service Providers:

These are businesses (or if you like, companies) that offer you the VoIP termination solutions. As you’d expect, they’re numerous providers out there and you need to be careful to ensure you get the right provider for your needs.

Let’s discuss how you can easily land on the best service provider for your specific needs and expectations.

How To Choose The Best VoIP Call Termination Service Provider:

If you want to provide businesses and individuals with VoIP termination packets (or simply become a VoIP termination wholesaler or reseller) you’ll need to look for the best VoIP provider first.

This is a lucrative business and you’ll reap huge profits if you follow the steps below on how to pick the right Best VoIP wholesale termination service provider…

Type of Provider

Destination nameCountryPremiumSilverSpecial
Bangladesh mobileBangladesh0.01960.0180.0188
India mobileIndia0.0090.0040.0083
Pakistan fixPakistan0.03550.0340.0245
Pakistan mobilePakistan0.0340.0330.0245
Pakistan mobilinkPakistan0.0330.03250.023
Pakistan Mobile zongPakistan0.0330.0330.0165
Pakistan Mobile waridPakistan0.03450.03450.01
Pakistan Mobile uphonePakistan0.0330.0310.023
Pakistan Mobile telenorPakistan0.01050.0010.0055

It’s unfortunate that most people don’t know that the call termination providers are categorized into different groups depending on the type of service they offer.

These key categories include tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 operators.

All the medium and small businesses would be better off using the tier 3 termination solutions. On the other hand, big companies or organizations will have a great experience using the tier 1 and tier 2 termination services.

Robust, Reliable Network

A robust network quality- in regard to key parameters like ASR, ACD and PDD- is vital for your new wholesale termination reselling business survival.

It acts as the foundation for your business, so you don’t want to build it on unstable ground.

Always conduct a deeper and wider research before you pick your wholesale VoIP termination solution provider. This is important given the fact that you will be working hand in hand with them, and their overall efficiency will have a profound impact on your business success.

If you want to know how reliable a provider is, pay special attention to their industry experience, features, success record, competency, and so on.

Remember that the more reliable your provider’s systems is, the more reliable your services will become.

Excellent Skill/Knowledge in VoIP Technology

In addition to a robust and reliable network in place, your provider should also be well versed in the VoIP technology field. They should possess excellent skills and knowledge regarding the VoIP technology and all the technical operations tied to it.

They ought to have the capacity to answer any inquiry and handle any technical issues you effectively and quickly.

Once your new telecom business starts running, or else your customers will starting running from your services and make you experience huge losses plus frustrations.

The Rule of Thumb: Make sure you preferred termination service provider has a highly competent team of engineering staff who are commented to ensuring your network system is monitored at all times to prevent downtimes.

This is the only way to ensure you give your customers the best services.


What are the rates of wholesale VoIP termination service provider you’re interested in?

You’d also want to check the tariffs and rates offered by VoIP route provider you want to use their services. Not to forget the quality of their services.

Just like any other products, different VoIP companies charge different rates/fee for their services. By setting your budget, you can easily narrow down your choices and focus only on the providers whose services are affordable matches your budget.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that costly services are the best; they might not meet your expectations. Likewise, you might get cheap services that will meet your needs. The idea is looking for the overall quality of the services you’re buying.

Excellent Support

Support is another key consideration to keep in mind when looking for a great call termination solution provider.

The type of support can be put into two wide categories – client and technical support.

In spite of having landed on a great terminator services provider, issues can pop up at any time- during the day or night. And having a provider that makes both the technical and customer support readily available at all times- 7/24/365- is highly recommended.

Your provider should not only be available to you at all times, but they should also have a well versed support that will give you real solutions to all problems at hand. Reaching them should be easy and fast. And there should be a couple of channels for reaching out to them.

Final Word

Wholesale VoIP termination refers to the process of routing your telephone calls from one provider to the other, until it reaches the final provider who will allow your recipient to review your call. This service makes it possible for people to connect with their friends or loved ones, or for business to reach out to their clients- all at highly affordable costs.

Because there are many VoIP termination solution provider, it’s always important to be careful with your selection to ensure you get the best services. A good VoIP termination provider should come with reliable network, flawless data exchange and technical operations, great technical support, and affordable VoIP termination rates.

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