Benefits of a Streaming Server for Your Live Business Event

Well, a streaming server is essential for this as you get to reach a worldwide audience once you are live on the broadcast.

With a reliable streaming platform, you are sure to have a seamless transmission of your event.

Here are some of the benefits you accrue by using a streaming server. This will ensure that your event is not only a success where you are located but globally as well.

A wider audience

Physical events are limited to the particular venue where they are hosted. However, with live streaming, you can have more people involved in your event, have them “attend,” and contribute to the event.

Due to work commitments and expenses, those who are not at your event physically can be there due to live streaming. Therefore, ensure that the streaming server you get can reach the audience you need to reduce geological as well as constraints in size.

High Quality

It is imperative to note that using your server may provide some difficulty in giving out high quality streaming. To get the high content delivery network (CDN) and a robust infrastructure, you need an excellent streaming server. A good CDN enables a global delivery system for your content.

By using a suitable streaming server, your network is not clogged while streaming your video. For instance, with the collaborating of DaCast and Akamai, you have the best CDN in the market. Alternatively, you can use social media sites such as Facebook for the same purpose. Therefore, the streaming server will provide the service with no hitches.

The Content is Rich

Use of a streaming server is not limited to videos and audios live. The server provides the advantage of a myriad of multimedia and content that includes text, pictures, and live chat. Therefore, with these mediums, you are sure that your live event is rich in the following. Content and provides your network with a much more interactive medium.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The common myth about the use of a streaming server is the technicality involved. However, this is not true. It is simple for your network to use a live streaming service during a live event. The simple requirements include audio and video equipment, an encoder, internet connection, and a stable streaming platform with great CDN.

Tracking of Analytics

Once you use a streaming server for your live event, you need to see your Return on Investment. For this, you need an analytic dashboard(s) and tracking tool(s) to see the outcome of the live event that you host.

With a robust streaming server, you get to view engagement, numbers, and behaviors when streaming your live event.

With this data, you get to know how great your live event was, and how you can change these live events in the future positively. You will gain insight on how to redefine your strategy and content after using the streaming server services.


For your business, avoid free streaming services. For a professional approach, you need to use services that will not provide pop up ads during streaming your live event that annoys the viewers.

The professional streaming server services are not expensive. For instance, you can get streaming services for as little as $19 per month from DaCast. This gives an edge to your live streaming over other businesses.

Mobile Viewing Made Possible

Ensure that you use a streaming server that can be viewed via a smartphone. Primarily, most clients these days see live streaming videos, audios and other media through smartphones.

Use platforms that stream content to tablets and mobiles using dynamic HTML5player. Your clients will have access to your content anywhere and at any time.

Ad-Free Streaming Services

There are those advertisements that you are forced to watch on platforms such as YouTube. However, with the right streaming server, your clients are not interrupted by these commercials.  With professional streaming services, you get a streaming server that eliminates these advertisements.

For instance, with DaCast, you have white-label services that do not allow any type of ads on your page. The streaming server will provide you will buttons that help you customize your streaming page to avoid any interruptions. This is done for your existing and prospective clients to ensure that your live broadcast engages your client throughout.

Payment Scheme is Included

Most revenue accrued through a streaming server service after a live event that you streamed is through advertisements. However, this should not be the case when you make use of a professional live streaming service. You can get payments via pay per view or a monthly subscription. You have the choice when you sign up for the service. It is similar to one who goes to view a concert or buy a ticket to the cinemas. You gain revenue from the number of views that you get from using the streaming service.


In addition, you also get to know the metrics and analytics to determine the future of your business and potential of your various products.  With this information, you will get more visibility and better conversions for your business. That is what you need for your business.


In conclusion, a professional streaming server service provider is the best way to go for your business. There is a lot of knowledge that companies gain from going live during events or during a product release event.

You get the chance to interact with existing and prospective clients. It will be beneficial and improvement to future business. Nothing else is required for your business. However, you need to engage a professional a streaming server that you need for your business, as it will give you more business.

Ensure that you use professional streaming services that require payment as opposed to those that are free as this will ensure that you avoid unnecessary advertisement and other pop-ups that will. Disengage the client from viewing the live broadcast of the event.

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