How Does Dedicated Servers Improve Your Web Traffic? (South America)

A dedicated server or a Web hosting service is a service in which a client leases a single server so as not to share with other people. It gives you full control over the server letting you choose what to do with it.

You can customise the server however you want to suit your needs and specifications. A dedicated server offers a significant amount of data storage and bandwidth to clients.

Web traffic amounts to the number of people visiting your website. It is seen that a dedicated server may help increase Web traffic to a page or site.

Let us have a look at how a dedicated server may help you get more traffic to your website and why you should get a dedicated server for your site today…


One of the things you get with a dedicated server is speed. Sharing a server with other providers slows down your website speed as many people are using the same server. This can be likened to traffic on the road. Lanes with fewer cars move faster than the lanes with several cars.

With your own dedicated server, the speeds are faster thus improving the user experience. A slow website frustrates people and being that the site may take long to load or open, some people would not come back to the page, and some will not even bother to wait for the page to open, they will close the page and opt to visit a different page.

Studies show that most people feel frustrated with a slow working Internet.  With a fast website speed, you would expect more people to visit the website hence increasing the number of Web traffic. Surveys show that people rarely go back to pages that do not give them a satisfactory user experience.

Web traffic may mean more revenue for a page especially if it is an online marketplace or a website that pays according to the traffic received. Sites lose traffic every day due to slow speed. People tend to visit pages they can browse quickly, thus increasing traffic to those pages.


Increased bandwidth

Sharing a Web server will limit your bandwidth usage as many people are using the same bandwidth.

With a limited bandwidth, your website may keep undergoing downtime every time the site exceeds the set bandwidth level. A dedicated server will give you unlimited bandwidths. A website loses traffic every time it website breaks down or undergoes downtime, and one has to put in extra time and energy to restore the page.

A dedicated server takes care of this problem, giving you a larger bandwidth hence the website will be able to host several visitors at a given time without exceeding bandwidth or slowing down speed. With a larger bandwidth, you can have several people click on your page at a particular time, browse and spend time on the page without the speeds slowing down or the page link breaking.

This server hosting also gives the owner of a website reliability, due to a greater bandwidth, the page will have less downtime. Less downtime equals more time a website is up to be viewed by readers. Increased bandwidth will also see people stay on a site for longer browsing and reading as more traffic to the website will not hinder page performance.


Your own IP address

One of the perks that comes with a dedicated server is that it allows you to have a unique IP address. An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical code assigned to devices that use a network which in turn uses Internet Protocol to connect to the Internet.

A unique IP address makes your website easily accessible while giving the page privacy. A shared IP address can also equate to open lanes in the street, someone can decide to get in ahead of you thus getting in your Lane.

This is what happens in hacking.

A unique IP address will let a website enjoy its own rankings on the internet unlike where with shared hosting your website may have lower rankings based on the rankings of a neighboring site or even get spammed.

People rarely visit spammed pages, and the pages tend to do poorly in ranking.  A spammed page will lose viewers as most new viewers will rarely visit a low ranking or spammed page. A unique IP prevents this, and the site can have new visitors, thus increasing Web traffic.


A unique IP address provides protection to your website. This is a plus especially for companies or sites using credit cards to pay for products. This makes sure your payments are secure. The number of phishers and hackers has gone up over the years.

Nowadays there are a lot of hackers who manage to hack pages and get personal information. It is harder to hack a dedicated server than it is to hack a server used by several websites. People will visit your page more if they find the page to be secure. People also want to shop in online marketplaces that have secure sites.

A significant number of people visiting a page do not like getting random adverts and websites popping up. A secure site will provide for a more controlled use friendly experience in turn raising the Web traffic.

A Dedicated server is a good idea for a website expecting to receive heavy traffic, an e-commerce site, and any other people trying to establish their online presence via blogs. A dedicated server will provide your users with a good experience while still providing security to your page. A dedicated server also gives you the freedom to customise the page according to your needs and is a good investment in the long run.

An increase in the Web traffic will rank a site higher and increase your revenues. A dedicated server goes a long way in attending to the clients’ needs and the needs of the site owning the server.


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