5 Reasons Why You Need The Best dedicated VoIP server Provider For Your Business Today

In the VoIP phone system world, there exist two categories of users. Let’s call them users A and B.

User A refers to the handful who have their VoIP systems hosted by their service providers (in their VoIP service provider location)

This could be a good plan for individuals as well as small business as it could help cut down VoIP costs as well as save them the space they could use to install the system.

Then we have user B- in this category, we have another handful of businesses owners who prefer hosting their VOIP systems in their businesses (in their locations) using a dedicated server.

Which category do you fall in? A or B?

In this post, I’ll tell you 5 key benefits user B (who use the dedicated server) enjoy, unlike the User A (who has their VoIP system hosted).

Let’s get into details:

#1 Enhanced Privacy!

Who doesn’t love some privacy?

When you invest in a dedicated VoIP server, it means you’ll have root access to your system (another benefit we’ll discuss later on- keep tuned in). This translates to easily letting you set up various security measures on your system that will enhance your data and communications privacy. You’ll be able to set up user groups, user roles, and folder/file permissions alongside some properly configured firewall as per your business needs.

For businesses and companies that handle sensitive information, and plan to switch to the VoIP communication system, you should consider looking for a dedicated VoIP server as opposed to having your system hosted by your provider. This is the best way to ensure your data/info is 100% secure.

#2 Increased Reliability

I understand that the hosted VoIP systems are also highly reliable…but we can’t deny the fact that they’re always prone to unexpected frustrating events. Keep in mind that your provider is hosting hundreds of other VoIP systems using the same resources. And that means that you’re likely to experience sudden traffic surges from time to time. Even worse, a particular resource demand on one system could lead to significantly low/poor performances for your VoIP service.

Having a dedicated VoIP serve, on the other hand, ensures that all the resources you require at any given time are available to your VoIP phone system while ensuring that you enjoy high-quality calls and transfer of data and files/documents.

This means that your business phone system will never at any time go down.

#3 Root Access

Did you know that having your own VoIP server gives you a lot of privileges that users A will never see, leave alone enjoying them?

By giving your root access to your server, it means that you can customize your system whenever/however you wish- and in whichever manner you wish. You have the total control of your server; you can set how you wish to send/receive data, customize various applications, decide which features to use and which not to use, and so much more.

So, if you feel that there are features or aspect of your hosted VoIP systems that aren’t set right, it’s time to have a dedicated server installed in your business promises to give you total control over your system!

#4 Better Support

Don’t get me wrong…user A will enjoy a good support for their hosted system. But that will depend on the overall support offered by the VoIP provider you choose to work with.

However, I’ve come to note that business who fall in the user B category tend to enjoy a better support. How? Well, most of the providers have a special support section for all their clients using the dedicated servers. They offer you 7/24/365 support plus a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who are always at their data centers ready to answer all your questions or solve all the issues with your server.

 #5 Increased Performance

The main reason why users in category A migrate (and continue to) to category B is to improve the performance of their systems. A dedicated server means that it’s only dedicated to your VoIP system- minimizing sharing of resources, traffic surges, etc.

A Dedicated VoIP Server would be highly suited for bigger businesses and companies that need to run a number of sites on a single server. Also, high-traffic sites will truly benefit from a dedicated server. Operating-managing and customizing- multiple sites becomes possible under a dedicated system.

Bottom line: The best way to confirm that a dedicated VoIP server actually boosts performance is to get one. You’ll truly note a difference and you’ll be grateful you moved to category B!

The Downside of a Dedicated Server

Allow me to point out some disadvantages that come with this system…due to its intended function and high costs, I won’t suggest a small business to go for a dedicated server. You’d be better off having your system hosted by your provider

-if you run a singular, personal website, I also recommend you to stick to the user A category. Else, you’ll be wasting your money and resources by using this system.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a dedicated server for your VoIP system already? As you’ve just seen from our discussion above, a dedicated system presents you with a load of benefits not found in the hosted VoIP services. You’ll enjoy increased privacy, reliability, better customer support, total system control, and a boost in performance.

Again, I recommend all the large businesses and companies to invest in a VoIP dedicated server as it’ll help improve the overall phone service in their enterprises.

Due to the slightly higher costs and intended function of these systems, they’re not always suitable for small business or individuals.

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